Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What to do

I got my squishy envelope for this months Let's Bee Together. Melinda is the sender of this fabric and the colors are fantastic. I love the aqua color and bright pink. Delicious! But what to do, what to do. I see on the Let's Bee Together blog she has gotten blocks already - and I just got my envelope! Yikes, I better come up with something quick. 
In the meantime, check out these lovely prints she sent me!
I am thinking of doing one of the cool blocks out of the book I got from The Wee Book Inn (its a used book store chain in Edmonton, each store has a cat! You can actually go onto their website and see each cats story). Here is the book:
This book is really awesome. I was thinking we could go through it together. What do you think? Want to go through it with me? Learn how to make 101 blocks from our past. Leave me a comment, if enough of you are interested we can all hang out and sew. I will even figure out how to do a flickr pool so we  can show off our blocks. I hope you will join me - but no pressure, I know we are all pretty busy. 


  1. I look forward to seeing what block you will create with the fabric from Melinda. It's amazing how long mail can sometimes take between our two countries.
    Going through the book with you sounds like fun!

  2. I would love to go thru the book with long as it is not 101 blocks in 101 days. LOL.

  3. I have that book and it's fantastic. I'd love to join you, but I already have too many things on the go at the moment.

  4. Awesome idea...I might have to catch up after I finish my Hands 2 Help project, though! Love the book stores with cats! Tell them they need to expand to the south!
    Jacque in SC

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  6. Do you have a list of great websites for ordering fabric? Thought I'd try some online shopping, and how's the renovating going?