Saturday, April 9, 2011

My garden is mutating!

Last year I planted some annuals in the front flower bed for some instant gratification. The weirdest thing is now, as the snow is melting - some of them look alive and growing off of last years dead stalks? 
I ask, How is this even possible for goodness sakes? Mr Hunter thinks that I got mutant plants. 
I mean it would make sense if these were my Alpine Perennials I planted, but not, I think these may be the inpatients? Annual Inpatients - they never ever come back. 

I found a tag in the ground there for Begonia as well, but it is even less likely for them to come back and I do not recall them getting those long stalks - I wonder if they are the Pansies? Anyone recognize these leaves?


  1. Bewarned! Yes impatients are annuals but the also make seeds! Yes what you see is from seeds! My parents have litterally bushes of impatients that grow by the front door that come from seeds from plants planted more than a decade ago in pots on the front stoop. People are always amazed by how large full and colorful they are. Congrats! Reseeding rocks!

  2. I should email to my mom...she is an avid gardener and knows all. I have a black hand.

  3. Yep, it can happen! Marigolds do it too....they make scads of seeds, and then volunteers come up the following year! Ha! Take that, feed and seed store....I don't need you this year! LOL
    Jacque in SC

  4. Don't you love it when things like this happen? I love spring and all the new flowers.

  5. They DO look like impatiens, but I didn't think they were perennials, I thought they didn't come back. They must have been nice and warm over the winter and happy to reappear. I checked out your solid hexies - pretty! I plan on doing a tutorial on my hexies that I showed a bit ago - I don't know where or who "designed" this type, though, and I'm worried someone will be mad if I don't give them credit!!! What to do, what to do??? A friend showed me how to do them and she doesn't know where she got it from, either! Anyway, I hope your house is coming along nicely! Looking forward to more pics on that and your hexies soon! xoxo

  6. Sorry to be so late in leaving a comment. My computer has been out of service. These look like pansies to me. They are biennials and sometimes come up again the following year. Nice to have something green growing in your zone at this time of year!