Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lets just sum up the weekend with - Flat tire on the #2 highway

Hubby and I got all dressed up for this wedding in Calgary. I must confess, we looked pretty good, him in his suit and tie, me in my pretty new pencil skirt. 
We headed out from Edmonton at 12:10pm, Calgary is about 3 and a half hours and the wedding did not start until 4:30pm, so we had time to get seated and not stress. We did not get as far out of the city as to even reach the airport and we got a flat tire on the highway. People die on this highway all the time trying to change flat tires so we were pretty worried. Thank the love of shoes, we guessed correctly which side to pull over to so hubby was not on the road to try and  change the tire! Unfortunately, I only have a dummy tire for a spare in my car. Oh boy, that's not going to get us to Calgary! We were able to limp my poor little car in Leduc, first we stopped at Canadian Tire. They were really busy so they could not help us, so we went to Kal Tire. They were able to help us and were very nice, but they did not have my tire! They called other locations for us, but alas, we were not meant to go to Calgary! We were able to drive the hour back to the house. By the time all this happened, it was almost 3pm. We had to let them know, we were not coming. Of course I had my camera though! Funny, the first thing the hubby said when I brought out the camera was, "oh no, now I am going to be a feature on your blog"! I think he sounded a little happy about it, like he was jealous that I have been going on about fabric and not him? ha ha
So without further delay - my husband, changing the tire, in a suit on a warm Saturday afternoon:
I played spotter. My job was to stand in the ditch (in my beautiful new boots), if someone swerved towards us, I was to grab my husbands shoulder and pull us to safety. Thank the love of shoes, this was not required!

Its a nice suit huh? He just got it, couple of days ago - great way to break it in!

This nice man drove across the highway from the other direction, through the ditch - just to make sure we were okay. He tried to help my husband change the tire - but he was pretty much done. There are some great people in this world!

We kept the hatch open to make sure we were more visible.
The great thing about not going to the wedding is that, on the way back into Edmonton, I got to stop at the best fabric store I have been to thus far. Its called Earthly Goods and they actually carry some new fabric lines! They had a huge section of Kaffe Fassett and were even having the designer himself some to the store to do a presentation. It was sold out of course, but wow, I was impressed. Here is my purchase. I bought thread too, but I always buy thread. I want to try paper piecing. One of the gals from the September retreat had a huge quilt done and I was inspired to try it out for myself. I saw an apple core quilt on someone else's blog that I thought was bloody brilliant. Not sure how big I will get, but its definitely something I want to give a try. I would of bought more, a lot more - but again - hubby was in the car so the bank account was safe for the moment. I wish it was closer, but its worth crossing the river for.

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  1. Sorry you missed the wedding. I guess you have to travel far to get to a quilt store. I used to travel a little over an hour to get to one, but now one is about 1/2 an hour away. Paper piecing, huh? ...can't wait to see your pics.