Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dress shopping!

Look what I got! The hubby got a suit for a wedding we are going to, which meant I got to get some pretty things too. We cannot have our husbands look better can we? I have been such a good girl and not bought anything new for ages - maybe since almost Christmas - certainly this is a well deserved treat. 
I got this brilliant jacket that can go with all everything here and in my closet. Here I have put it with a polka dot blouse.

This is the jacket again, with a ruffle tank top and a pencil skirt.

Close up of the tank top - I had to reduce the light intake so you could see the black detail on the ruffles. Do you like the necklace I chose?

Last one - a sweater dress. It looks much better on then on the table. Really it does.


  1. Oh what fun! The jacket with the ruffled blouse and jewerly is too cute. And I bet you do look yummy in the sweater dress. Have a good time at the wedding.

  2. That jacket is so pretty and versatile. Enjoy!

  3. You certainly deserve a treat if yo haven't been buying clothes for so long. The jacket looks so smart with your wardrobe - very clever choice!