Saturday, October 23, 2010

Free Football tickets!

My co-worker gave me two free tickets to the football game tonight. I do not think she has ever seen anyone so excited for a football game! Tonight is my Saskatchewan Rough Riders vs the poopie Edmonton Eskimos! Well, they are not poopie, I just want them to loose! If the Riders win tonight it puts us in a fantastic position!
Go Riders Go!! It is supposed to be cold and rain. Bummer - sounds like the last Riders game in Edmonton. Regardless, I will be there cheering on my team!
In exchange for these awesome tickets, I made my co-worker a coffee place matt and a cozy. She really liked the pebble technique I did on my other co-workers baby blanket, so I used that for the matt.
Here are the pics for your viewing pleasure:

The coffee matt is black on the back and grey on the top - or vise versa depending on what she prefers.

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