Friday, October 15, 2010

The truck is broken - but I got a new tire!

Luckily the hubby and I made it home from work before the truck broke. We were just heading back out to go to Fabricland and as we were backing out we heard a very loud bang. Got out, and the front drivers tire was sticking out at the wrong angle. I do not know which part broke - but it broke alright!
Can you tell the tire is angled outward?


Nice picture of the broken part and some lovely hockey patches.

This was not going to stop us on our mission to Fabricland! We hopped in the car that still had the donut tire.
After getting fabric:

Does anyone recognize this one? I got it as a fat eighth and I love the pattern. I do not recognize and would like to get more. Please leave me a comment if you know.

They had these solid color fat eighths on for 2 dollars - at the till - couldn't resist!
Since we were out, we ran over to Walmart and the gentleman in the tire department set us up with a new tire. He only had one mechanic on, but he was slow and did it himself.
Then it was late, so we went for supper (yes, I did not have to cook!)
This was a complete surprise - the restaurant we went to, I was skeptical - and completely surprised, it was really good. 
Sorry about the grainy photos my friends - iPhone.. .. .. and I am not very good with my expensive camera.


  1. oh my that's to bad about the truck. looks like you scored at fabricland. my son hates it there lol so i don't get to go as often as i'd like. i've heard of 'the rice pad' so it's good huh. i'll have to check it out with my boyfriend & son. i love Vietnamese food.

  2. Pretty fabrics. And did not have to cook.