Friday, October 1, 2010

I do not condone, but have an appreciation for good graffiti

The home owning, tax paying, going to work everyday part of me says graffiti is not good, but the artist, free spirit and rebel in me says, "yeah, you take that spray paint and rock it!" I dislike tags that are just poorly done scribble on trains and business alley walls. But a picture, or great lettering is different. Of course that does not mean I want graffiti all over the place, but I think some is lovely in its own way.

This morning, I saw on my commuter train to work, a tag that normally I would not like, but it was just so striking. Its not English, but a lovely symbol or word in another language. I really hope its not a gang symbol! That would be awful, falling in graffiti love with a symbol of hate. I do not think it is though, for one, I fell for it straight away due to its color. Hot pink! Isn't that the best color? I mean if I was a police officer and came up to someone with hot pink spray paint, I would be like, Okay, show me what you can do and we will critic it after and decide if it should say. If it were lime green - I would probably have the same reaction - if it were navy blue I would shut this party down! ha ha
Hot pink people, how can one go wrong?
The expression to me on this graffiti, again not condoning, but appreciating, I think it is a lovely little tag.
What do you think?
HA HA HA, Did I mention I take public transit? The train does not stop here so you will have to use your imagination!

Here are some others that I have found and enjoyed:
In Vancouver, BC
In Vancouver, BC

This one was in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

This is along the commuter train in Edmonton too, but I was walking that day.

I only found one graffiti painting when I was in London, UK. This blew my mind - how out of such a humongous population could there not be any graffiti?? Unfortunately we lost all our London photos during our trip so that one piece I cannot share with you. So, if you are traveling Southern UK and find a memory card with hundreds of pics of London and two dorky white people - its mine. ha ha ha


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  1. Wow, I thought I was the only one who appreciated the ones you picked out, especially the second one (Van Couver).