Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mexican Chicken

That is the name that my friend gave to this easy peezy way to make chicken a little fancy with very little work - which is just how I like it! 
So, brown some chicken breasts, then when they are cooked through, put them on a cookie sheet or on a broil pan. Apply a nice spoonful of salsa, then a lovely piece of cheese. mmmm cheese! This time I used a fabulous Gouda with tomatoes and olives. I normally use good ol' cheddar or mozza.
Then put those little Chickie's into the oven! I have a gas stove, so about 400 on the bottom works great. I think I did the same in a convectional oven.

Tonight to be even simpler, I did side kicks and carrots. Supper served and eaten before 7:30pm for once! Phew!! (more time to blog and sew!!)

Oh ho! And the Gouda cheese was amazing - I do not know if I can ever go back to plain cheese again. hee hee hee, yeah I could, I will eat pretty much any cheese in front of me. 

1 comment:

  1. I am not a huge fan of Gouda, but I will eat most any other cheese.

    The chicken sounds yummy though!