Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I had promised some video tips and here they are!

Here are the video's I promised for yesterday. Sorry about my tardiness - where does the time go? I need to get a working computer at home - its too hard to keep up! First the videos:

Sorry this video is so shaky! There was about 20 of us all trying to see and photograph.

This next one is much better and shows how Jan machine stitches her bindings on which I think is brilliant as that is what I do and now I now how to do it better!

Hmm my videos are not working.. ... I will try again tomorrow. Do you ever find that sometimes blogger just does not work properly?

How about a mini rant? I follow this blog written by a girl down in Calgary, she dyes her own fabric and I think she makes some pretty neat things. She had mentioned in one of her posts that she did not have enough Marigold blooms to last the winter. I thought, "well darn, I have a flower bed full and they are just going to go to waste". So I commented on her blog that I am coming to Calgary for a wedding, first week of October - if she wanted she could have them. Just tell me how to store them till I could meet her at a gas station of coffee shop on my way in or out of Calgary. I as well told her that I was coming in from Edmonton.
Well! Not only did she not respond to this offer, but her recent blogs go on about how she things Edmonton is Hell! I mean come on? I do not disagree, I have never pretended to be a fan of this city- but hell? Calgary is the same as Edmonton, not better or worse for goodness sakes. So I am offended - I have not stopped following her blog though. I suppose I should out of principle, its just such a shame as it is one I have enjoyed in the past. I would give you links, but I do not want to start a blogging war, that would be silly - I just think it is disappointing - wasn't the hole point of writing a blog - to reach out and meet people?

Tonight I am meeting an Avon rep as I am going to be one. That's a long story for maybe tomorrow..... ha ha
Happy Stitching! I hope to finish some quilting tonight before and after my meeting. I will post more quilting pics soon. Promise!

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  1. Strange behavior! But who knows, maybe she has an evil ex-boyfriend in Edmonton or something. You never can tell with people, but at least YOU were nice and made the offer. Sending hugs your way.