Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thank goodness for long weekends!

One beer and one glass of wine and my face is solid pink, little warm and I have a wee bit of giggles. Yup - I'm a cheap drunk.

Time to share! I made three little quilts today to donate to my vet clinic. Here they are:

As you can see in this pic, a fourth quilt pushed out of the way to make room for the wine and (what is left that is you can see.. .. ) cheese and grape platter we enjoyed for supper. Not the healthiest, but it was damn good! 
My goal was to complete 4 mini quilts today, but now have drank my limit of booze - I do not think that will happen, that and it is almost 10pm! Wow the day ran away.
Of to a soak in the new tub with another glass of wine to relax my back from leaning over a coffee table to sew! Thankfully, I get to tape and mud the room down stairs tomorrow morning. As soon as I can get that room done, I have a sewing room again!! YES!
On that note, I must go before the bubbles in the tub all disappear, here is the best lunch I have had in months, delicious tuna salad, black bean and corn salsa enhanced with cilantro and a little tuna salad. Fabulous Tostitos Blue Corn Chips (my fav) to make the meal complete along with a great book, a little iced tea. Oh, and I was home alone! It was great!

Then there was the watermelon hubby and I had last night that one of the pieces broke into a perfect heart! All on its one, we did not cut this at all:

And lastly, Lucky is able to go cone free - he is back to what he loved the most... .. His Balls!! ha ha ha

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  1. You have to post a pic of your sewing room when you have it all done. I can't believe the watermelon slice pic, I thought you had used a cutout or something else.