Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just for Linda!

I apologize, but this blog will be a tad long. I have a few things that I keep meaning to blog about and today is the day!
First off, for my friend Linda - since you thought the wall behind the sauce wall was good - check out the wall behind my stove!
And why stop there, how about the wall repair here:

Or there are the floors, we found the original hardwood under this garish green shag, and there is tile everywhere, I mean everywhere!!

Here is some fantastic use of tile... ... or not:

And what about that fridge? Original to the house. Its a Magic Chef. Yup, they do not make them like that anymore! In fact they do not make them at all.

Now, onto the quilting. I was able to get some sewing done these past two days and made two small quilts to donate to our vet clinic. Here they are:

Here is Jada Bean helping:

Saturday I went to the football game. My Saskatchewan Rough Riders were in town to play the evil Edmonton Eskimos. Now, you have to love Rider fans, the weather sucked, it sucked bad, the rain came down in sheets sideways right into our faces and it was cold enough to see your breath. All this, yet there were more Rider fans in the house then Edmonton fans and the game was in Edmonton!! Not only do we show up to show our Rider pride and cheer on our team, but we dress up. Here are some picks of the best dressed that I saw: (one lady even let me take her picture in the lou!)

Here is the swag, small selection, I was sad - but still bought my share.

See, this crowd is all Rider fans:

Oh My, I almost missed this one. These boys were popular!

They even let people rub their melons for luck. 
Didn't work - we lost. Still a great game and it was really close.

And here is the info for the 12" quilt competition, just in case you were too shy to ask!

Finally, I will leave you with tonight's supper. FUN Do!! hee hee hee

Ahhh that was good!


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  1. LOL!! My sides are hurting from laughing so much! There's a BIG HOLE in your wall! That is incrediable! No wonder you didn't take the picture of the sauce near the stove. Someone really did enjoy laying title. Well, if nothing else your home is very entertaining! Actually it's going to look great when you finish with the renovations. And I love those pet quilts! They are both just beautiful!