Sunday, August 15, 2010

Evicted again!

 Once again, I have lost my sewing room. But this time, I have been forced to just pack up rather than move to another room. At least it is for family! My sister came up and we were able to enjoy folk festival together which was fantastic! 
 My mother is now up for a week so I cannot move my sewing table and machine back in there yet, but soon - so very soon. 
 I finally as well took my pet quilt off the hand quilting loom and folded it up to be kept in the closet. Unfinished - boo! As soon as this bathroom is finished, I should be able to dive back into the happiness of fabric. I have so many lovely fabrics that I ordered in, I cannot wait to come up with something to make them into! I was thinking of doing your standard piece work quilts, but not ready to conform to "boring" I was hoping to feel inspired again to create another original piece. Something even better than the pet quilt and the bird on a wire quilt. 
 Inspiration has been found! I got myself a subscription to Quilting Arts. This is the coolest quilting mag I have found yet. I am very intrigued on this idea of art quilts - but the practical side of me tells me that I has to still function as a quilt! Wall hangings are fabulous, and there are some amazing quilts people hang. Still, being a painter first - I will save my walls for paintings and decorate the beds and couches with quilts! I am sure I will come up with some ideas soon.

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