Friday, August 20, 2010

Raining cats and dogs? No - just cats!!

I just received an email from my brother that brought tears to my eyes. There is a man down in Florida, Craig Grant whom has built a 25 acre cat sanctuary for abandoned and abused cats! It is amazing, he has built houses for them and just last year built a fence to keep the coyotes out so the cats can roam the 250 miles of tree forest in safety.
Anyone interested in the story or wanting to donate to help purchase things such as cat food and litter, you can find everything here. They are a non for profit cat sanctuary. Anyone living down there can volunteer to help out or you can simply go for a visit and pet all the cats.
It always brings me joy to see humans helping animals. I wish there were more people like Craig Grant!

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  1. There sure are some awesome people out there! Thanks for the lovely comments about Jake & our newbie Ruby, she's doing great. What I didn't share was we also have six rescue cats. Like when we adopted our Jack Russell Jake, Ruby has just blended right in without a single piece of flying fur anywhere. Whew! We got very lucky - twice!