Friday, August 27, 2010

Yummy food and doggie update

The other day I have the biggest craving for currie so I whipped up two dishes of yumminess! I was pretty impressed at how well they turned out. Even my hubby's daughter had several helpings so it must have been good! 
I had made a butter chicken which my husband whined about for about 30 seconds. He feels I should have made it from scratch the way it would be traditionally made. Well, for one, I have only a vague idea as to how it is made, second I do not have time, and third, I know it does require real butter and we do not have that. Besides, I get the jar from Superstore and I have to say - their Presidents Choice Butter Chicken sauce is fantastic. As soon as he started eating he was happy at the results. The second dish is a delicious cottage cheese dish my girlfriend used to always make and we would eat on toast. So delicious, I could eat it every day! Here is the fantastic sauce!

On the sick doggie front - there was major panic yesterday and some anger. Lets start with the anger and then get on to the more important which is how our little Lucky is doing. When we were quoted for his eye surgery, we were told 400 bucks. Now, one would think that this would include all aspects of the surgery - but then that one would be wrong. Our vet wanted to charge us another 160 dollars to remove his stitches!! Can you believe that?? 

So, how Lucky is doing, I am going to backtrack to Monday, August 23rd. Actually no, Saturday, the 21st. Lucky had been to the vet twice the week prior and our vet told us everything looked great. On the weekend, I noticed that the third eyelid which was sewn shut to allow his eye to heal - was looking not right. There appeared to be a dent in the eye, and a small lump in the lid, plus the color of the lid was starting to look more red and well, even grosser then before. I insisted all weekend that my husband take him to the vet on Monday to see if everything was still going to plan. Our vet poked Lucky in the eye and felt around and said - No, everything is still going A OK. Keep in mind now that he has been to the vet three times since his eye surgery and every time, they tell us A OK and charge us for poking him in the eye. So, I trusted the doctor as he is a really good vet for everything so far. This past Thursday, August 26th, Lucky had his stitches removed and we got another bill, only when they looked at his eye, they saw indeed what I felt I could see. His eye was worse than before! It is so deformed and just plain awful and painful looking. Lucky however is ecstatic to have the stitches out. We were immediately referred to an eye specialist, and able to get Lucky in this morning. 

Now the "fingers crossed" Good News! The specialist feels that although the eye looks terrible, it is healing. He has an ulcer on his eye, but the doctor claimed he has seen and healed worse! So, he told us there most likely will not be more surgery, Lucky will keep his eye and we are to keep giving him these special drops that we have been giving for 1 month now. Phew, that was great news. I will keep you posted on the progress!   

As for the sewing room, there has not been any progress, but I feel tomorrow is going to be my lucky day! I have two ideas for the Quilting Arts 2012 Calendar competition. Is anyone else doing something for this? If you are interested and want more info, send me a comment regarding it and I will scan the page and post. 

So, I am editing this post - just found out that the sewing room is on hold for at least a week - most likely more! Ahh PAINFUL. Damn renos always come first. Speaking of, did you like the texture behind jar in the pic I posted? That is the least of my worries. hee hee, I edited out the hole in the wall behind my stove. Nightmare - although I would still rather be sewing. HA HA HA

I was thinking of other great finds as well and thought I would share this nugget. When we were in  England, one of the cousins had this amazing shoe tree (theirs was not full). We found them at London Drugs! Here is is (full!):

I now have two of these - both full.

And my last thing to add, two years after getting married, we have finally gotten our wedding present from my best friend. A painting made by the amazing artist herself. Not sure if I should post her name .. ... hmm well I guess if you like the painting and are interested in seeing more of her work, please leave a comment and I will connect you both. Here is a picture of it:

Not the best pic I know, but I wanted to share it anyways. Yes it is hung sort of crooked. I had to use an existing nail that was off centered. Damn plaster walls keep bending all my picture hangers when I attempt to put in a new one!


  1. Glad to hear that Lucky is okay. And, by the way, I would be angry at the Vet too if he quoted a price and then had a lot of add ons.

  2. Oh my gosh, as much as I feel so bad for Lucky you had me laughing! (Vet Poking him in the eye!) And that wall behind your sauce jar - hey, you'll want to fix that! LOL!! Although I didn't even notice until you pointed it out. Glad you hubby liked your dinner and that Lucky will be getting well.