Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Holy Moly I won something!

There is a first time for everything and I have just experienced my first ever win with a quilting blog competition. Thank you so much for every one whom voted for my pet quilt! I had a blast making it. The show was really fantastic and with a lot of fantastic talent.

I have been going a little crazy unable to sew for almost the entire summer. I have really missed my sewing room and the retreat/ sanctuary that I find in there. Unfortunately we have reached the point in renos where I can no longer use my lack of muscles as an excuse to not help. hee hee hee. I have spent the summer either painting, tiling, grouting, cleaning and entertaining guests. Of course there was a two week trip to England in there too.

My sewing room started out in the basement, it was the first room my husband built. I did not even give him time to tape and mud it I was so desperate for my own space. Oh the joy of being able to leave my fabrics out and not worry about anyone tripping or messing them. To have my paints already to go if I decided to do some canvas work. Beads all organized in their case and sitting pretty in my own shelving unit just waiting to be assembled into something.

Alas, I was booted out of the room when my husbands daughter came to stay for the summer in between university. I swiftly took over the spare room upstairs but was then kicked out when my sister came at the beginning of August, then came my mom, and finally my girlfriend from BC. Obviously I loved all the time visiting as it was all people coming to see me! But I still longed for me sewing room. ha ha. The last of our company left this morning, and I was sad to have my girlfriend leave. My husbands daughter leaves in a couple of weeks now not going back to university but moving to BC herself. I am unsure if I should set up shop in the spare room upstairs again, or wait and move back into the original sewing room in the basement? Either way - I am closer to getting a room back. I just have to get all this painting done so I can have time to sew!
Here is what the bathroom looks like so far:

That's the hubby's shoulder. He is installing trim around my new linen closet!! So exciting. This house is so old, there isn't any closets to be found. One just  for towels is pretty exciting for me!

Our dog Lucky has been having some health issues. Long story short - he has had an eye injury which became infected and he may lose his eye. Poor little guy has been wearing a cone for just under 4 weeks. He had eye surgery 10 days ago and he can have his stitches removed hopefully Thursday. All that said - he is still hyper and wanting to go outside and play. In fact here he is:

Don't mind the horrible wall texture - hence the major renos. Basement first, then the upstairs. Its been two years so far of weekend and after work reno warriors. We are getting cranky, but it will all be worth it in the end!

This video is pre-surgery. We had to ask the vet for sedatives for him as he would not settle down to just heal. And for he record! I did not give him this ball - he just finds them! OK - well we did buy it for him, but then we have to hide them or he will not stop playing. I haven't a clue where he found this one.


  1. You realyy have a full plate! Congratulations on the win.

  2. First, Congrats on the win!! I'm so very happy for you as I think your quilt was really outstanding, as was your post with your pets. Second, Oh my gosh the dog is too cute!! And no cone will be stopping him! LOL!! And third, your house is turning out so nice. Hang in there it will end and you will be happy you did it.

  3. Congrats on your win. Good luck on getting your sewing room back.