Thursday, September 23, 2010

The quilting corner

Its not much, but it is all mine. I get to stare at my best friends painting everyday and I can still watch TV if I want to. Which is good and bad. I was watching Glee on Tuesday and making another stripe quilt for the Delton Vet Clinic - yeah, I mixed up my strips and ended up unsewing it all last night. Ha ha, Oops!

The fabric on the black shelving unit is my entire stash. I thought it was sooooo much fabric and was overwhelmed remember? Well, I was reading another blog a week or two ago and this extremely lucky lady was excited that she finally got her sewing room in order. She had 6 utility shelves filled, I mean filled with fabric of every color you can imagine. I was and still am in complete fabric envy. That is not a stash, but a store! I do not even have a stash - I am not even in the game yet. It will be fun getting in though! Bliss and Fandango are what I am lusting over at the moment.

What fabrics are you lusting for?


  1. BUT - you have a SPACE of your own and that's a start. Let's see, we've been married 36 years and it's been in the last 7 years that I have a space - but it was still in DD's room while she was off at college.

    The fabrics I'm lusting for right now is more PURE.

  2. I don't think it's a bad thing to have all your stash in one space. I've got more fabric now than I think I can use in 10 years so I feel guilty when I buy more. Of course, not guilty enough to stop. I'm really liking Clermont Farms, Lunna Notte and Maison de Garance right now.

  3. Congrats on your own space. I think keeping a simple stash is a better way to go, mine is a little out of hand. I keep saying that I will not purchase any more fabric, but that never works...oh well.