Friday, September 17, 2010

I have been nominated!

I was nominated for a Sunshine blogger award! I get the pleasure of passing this on to 12 more bloggers. I apologize, but you will have to wait for my 12 picks! As my computer has died on me, I only have access at work and it is pretty limited!
In fact, I simply cannot keep up, I follow 123 blogs. That is a lot! I only have time to read maybe 10 posts a day so I am constantly behind and missing out on posts from people whom are lower in the alphabet simply because my list is alphabetical! I am afraid - I not only have to choose 12 loves, but I have to let some go.

How do you guys keep on top of your blog reading? How many do you follow? I really do not wish to delete any, I love them all!


  1. You're a ray of sunshine to many, so the award is deserving.

    I'm in the process of downsizing - even my blog looks different now, as of yesterday.

    Need more time to sew.

  2. I follow 86, made much easier using a reader. But I do weed them out, about every 6 months. Its hard, but I can't read everything, and sometimes they have changed, or I have. And if there are so many that reading them feels like a chore, then it has lost its purpose for me. Good luck narrowing your list to 12!

  3. I set up my blog so that there is a "Next" Button on my favorites header. So when I log into my account to read the blogs, I just hit next until I reach the end of all the posts. Not too sure if that was clear...hope it was. And congratulations on the Sunshine blogger award.