Monday, September 27, 2010

Crutches are hard

I had no idea the amount of energy and physical fitness required to get to work on crutches.

Saturday morning like an idiot, I ran down the stairs all excited to make and hang some shelves in my sewing corner to help clear off the table of supplies and make them easily accessible for when I did need them. In my excitement, I stepped on the 2x4 hubby has screwed down on the floor to represent were a wall will go. This 2x4 has been there for months - I know darn well its there and I stepped on it anyways. Half of my right foot landed with all my weight on this board. My ankle rolled and I fell down like a heavy bag of hammers onto myself. Instantly I had tears streaming down my face, before I could even think to call for help, hubby came in from the garage to find me crying and rocking back and forth holding my foot, checking to things moving that should not and trying to convince myself it did not really hurt.
Thankfully, I had shoes on. I did not feel anything out of place.
I limped around the house for the rest of the morning until mid afternoon when hubby decided he needed to go to Home Depot and that I had to come with him. By the time we were done there, I was in so much pain. I could not put any weight on it at all for the rest of the day. I parked myself on the couch and iced my foot like I should have after it happened.
Sunday - I attempted to dust and was told to get my ass back on the couch - Yes Sir! I again iced my foot (and my back, ohh my back is killing me!) all day. Every time I got a new ice pack and resettled myself, the darn dog needed to go out and pee. Only he would stand on the front step and just bark at the neighbors. I would ask him to hurry and go pee, and he would simply come back into the house. He just wanted to bark a mo, that was it. lol.
I normally walk ten minutes to the LRT (Light Rail Transit), then another 10 min through the mall and pedways to my office tower. This journey on crutches took me an hour. I had to keep stopping I was so exhausted. I am so out of shape! I was 15 min late for work when I am usually 20-15 min early! I am is even more pain now, I do not know if I can do this again tomorrow!

Have any of you have a crutch story or tips to reduce the fatigue? My upper body is so sore, I do not really feel my foot at all!


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Unfortunately, I have no good ideas about the crutches. Is your ice supply holding up?

  2. Sorry to hear about your accident. I've been on crutches before but it was so long ago and I was in much better shape then. I have no advice other than to try to stay off your feet. I hope your foot and upper body heal quickly.