Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So much fabric - I am overwhelmed.

I have been slowly going through the kitchen and washing the dust off of everything and I came across something else I had painted with the Gallery Glass Paint - 6 spice jars! It was one of the first things I had painted with this stuff. I have some Christmas ornaments as well, but they are packed up so I will spare you. These spice jars are probably the nicest ones on the hideous spice rack.

I got a package today! Not a give away, but my eBay purchase!! I had gone to Rogers to purchase a IPhone case and they wanted $50.00 for one!!! I could not believe it when the salesman told me that. It did not help that it was my turn to take the office recycling so I was holding a bag of what one could think was garbage. So holding my huge bag of tin cans and shopping bags, I asked how much for that case, then I gave him the cocked eyebrow, "are you serious"? The guy looked at me like I was a nut job!
My goodness - its only recycling and yes - the price on this case is outrageous!!!
So I told him no thank you, I will check eBay. He shook his head at me and wished me luck.
And luck I had!! Check these babies out:
That's right, that's me with a magenta (almost hot pink!) cell phone cover. I paid....Da Da Da Daaaaaaa.....
Are you ready??? $18.50 including the shipping for not 1, but 4 IPhone covers! I rule, take that snobby Rogers employee!

Then on Saturday, I took my forth baby, my sewing machine! In to the shop to have a look at it. I was struggling with free motion stitching when wanting to machine quilt my pet quilt. It turns out that it required to be re-calibrated! Thank goodness, it was not just me!
It was also recommended that I get a new plate with a very small needle hole as my current plate had the widest slot possible. The theory being that my fabric was being pushed into the hole. So I got that, and I got a new free motion foot that allows for better vision on what you are sewing - and I finally got quilting grippy gloves! Very excited to try all this stuff out. Here is my baby, all fixed up with the new plate and foot:

I have so much fabric, I am slightly overwhelmed. But I think its more then that, I think the problem is that I am so in love with fabric and its patterns and texture that it pains me to cut it. Does that make sense? Do any of you have a fabric in which you love the pattern so much you do not wish to cut it up? Well, I now have about 60 fabrics I love the pattern of so much I cannot cut into them, and I need to!
My quilting retreat is this weekend and I do not have any fabric prepared!
Here is some pics into my beautiful stash:


  1. I know the feeling about the fabric.Being overwhelmed in my small space, though, I have recently startred cutting in to most of those. It feels good, mostly. There is one, about 15 years old, bought on a trip to Germany, that I still cannot bring myself to cut. Someday, maybe....

  2. I think we all feel that way about our fabrics, but just think how beautiful your quilt will be using them. Good luck and have fun on your retreat.