Monday, September 20, 2010

Retreat Fantasticness!

I'm am now back from my first quilting weekend retreat and am totally addicted. It was a blast and I learned tons of cool tips and pattern ideas.
I did not get everything I wanted to get done, done - but it was such a good time, it didn't upset me a bit. I did make my first ever pinwheel sampler. I will call it a sampler as it is small! It took me forever. Here it is:
Not bad huh? I think I will punish myself further and try and make it into a lap quilt.
I packed what I thought to be so much stuff! But when I got there I saw I had the same as everyone else. It sure was great to be with so many like minded people. Funny too, we all drove silver vehicles! What color are your vehicles?

Here are some more pics from the retreat:

The view.

A little show and tell. There was some amazingly talented ladies there. I was in awe of all the skill!

This is Norma, my sewing neighbor trying not to laugh. We told a lot of funnies to each other.

The sunrise over the lake.

My "Bird on a Wire" quilt - the only thing I had really wanted to complete out there and I didn't take enough thread. ha ha ha

We ate a lot.

I'm next to Lavern in this pic - she is on the blue shirt in the center. This woman was super talented - she had a trunk full of quilts that were fantastic and she was so funny!

Here, Jan Fowler who ran the retreat (on the end) is showing how to make a handbag. She was fantastic and very funny herself! Her outfit is called Bear Necessities and she also teaches class at a local sewing shop called Central Sewing here in Edmonton. She has a sewing TV show as well.

And then there was the mess when I got home! Hubby told me all proud of himself that he had cleaned up after himself... .... we have a very different opinion on clean apparently!

The pinky red color on the stove is blood from the red meat he cooked his buddies - on Friday!!! So disgusting - I do not even eat red meat and I am stuck cleaning it up.

There was more mess down there, he had left from Friday - a pan full of baked potatoes and left over samosas. In the morning when I woke up for work today - he had realized the mess I suppose and dumped a bunch of food scraps into the garbage.
( I have a composter just for this - don't get me started, ha ha)
Tika - the fat white cat - bless him - ripped the garbage bag to shreds to get into it and get out the scraps. I then had to pick up and scrub the floor clean from hubbies "clean up" and Tika's snack.
A wife's work is never done it seems. I guess it is just the price I pay for having a weekend away.
It was totally worth it!!

Oh - Tomorrow as I have to go back to work now - I will post some video I took at the retreat with some how toos I learned!


  1. I know the feeling, coming home to a "clean" house. LOL!!! I'm so happy for you that you had a good time. Your pinwheels are beautiful, keep up the good work!

  2. How fun! I have never been to a retreat but it looks like I should try it.

  3. The retreat looks like great fun! It must be great to be able to stitch away with no distractions.

  4. It looks like you had a lot of fun...until you got home anyway. The quilt you made at the retreat looks great. I hope you will get around to turning it into a lap quilt.