Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Winnings, windows and fire hazards, Yippee!!

Lets start with some good news. I won a give away! YES, I am the lucky girl whom will receive my very own coffee cozy from Mary who writes her own blog called Life on 19th
I will post a picture of my prize as soon as I get it.

Now for Windows. Every year I have the joys and pleasures of plastic sealing our ancient windows (it's that or we freeze our butts off!). This year, I once again took down the nasty yellow lace curtain on the kitchen window that for some reason I have left up from the previous owner. I had the double sided tape up, in fact I even had the plastic on and was started to blow dry it taunt when I thought - why am I doing this just to put up that nasty curtain again?? I have Gallery Glass Paint! So, off came the plastic and I created a faux stain glass window. Here are some pics that my hubby and I took:

I started with gold "lead" lines, but ran out so I had to switch to black. In the end though its not that noticeable.

I am sitting in my kitchen sink. Not too comfortable after the three hours it took me. And it was getting cold so the paint kept sliding down. I think it turned out okay.

The S in the middle is for the Saskatchewan Rough Riders of course! ha ha. Go Riders Go!!

I had so much fun doing this one, and my hubby is in Vancouver right now, so I did the other kitchen window to! Hopefully he likes it!

If you have been reading my blog and you are wondering where the extra cat in the tree has come from - well, it is my neighbours. They have a 1 year old and I do not think the cat and the baby see eye to eye. Plus she is so damn skinny I have been feeding her as she is always in my yard anyways. Her name is Tick Tack. Our whole block knows her.

This second one is not dry yet so it will look different. I will try to get a better pic, but I have plastic covered the window so it may not be possible.

What was left - oh, I should show you the reason why I started painting in the first place - the dreaded yellow lace!

And finally, the fire hazard! My hubby has decided that for now, I get a sewing corner. In my corner, he has provided awesome lighting and a electrical outlet. To do this, he went into the attic and fed the wire down the wall. When he went up there this time he found several live wires. Not only were there live wires up there, but they are aluminum and some were taped off with - get this - Packing Tape!! Dear lord, the insulation up there - the whole house actually - with wood chips. I swear I am living in a match box! Thankfully the hubby was able to turn off the old electrical panel and pull out all the old fire hazard wiring and connect to our new panel very safely. He brought down a piece just for me. Well, I actually found it in Lucky's water dish, but I am sure that's just were he was keeping it for me as I am the one whom fills the dishes. ha ha
Check it out:


That's all for tonight. It is so late and I have to work tomorrow. So sad!


  1. Holy Moly! Your new 'sewing corner' may have saved your lives! We too live in an older house that we have now renovated and found the same wiring. When we tore down the ugly panelling in the basement to insulate we found a charred area where the wires had shorted. Very scary indeed!
    Your paintings look wonderful - much better than the curtain! Hugs to Tick Tack.

  2. Wow, you are lucky that your hubby knows how to do electrical work and is willing to tackle such projects. Thank God you had your sewing corner or you would never have found out about the live wires. Perhaps, it is time to suggest another corner, room, floor for your crafting needs...By the way I love the way your kitchen window turned out. Do you paint directly on the window or on the plastic sealing?