Thursday, September 16, 2010

In mourning

At 8:24pm last night, it brings me great sadness to say, my computer DIED!! Only last week, my husbands computer totally bit the big one. His computer ran our TV, our home entertainment, it was the mother of all the networking. When it crashed, we thought the world was over, but at least we would use my laptop. No longer! We are shut out - well, there is my IPhone, but I hate reading emails and surfing on that thing. I know, I know it is meant for those things more then as a phone. But the screen is so small and to make the text bigger you have to scroll all over the place to get all the text. I'm not some 20 year old computer geek that can navigate all this stuff - hell these kids now adays grow up on this type of technology. I am from a small town in Saskatchewan, a little farming town where people still have Commodore 64's! Heck, the Atartii is still considered new technology where I am from!

To make matters worse, I have asked a guy from our IT department if he would help save the files on my husbands computer - which he did, but for some reason, he put them all onto a Mac computer. A work Mac computer! WORK, not to mention the word MAC, we are PC people, I do not know how to use a Mac, but I am being forced to learn some stuff now! Like the fact that external hard drives will only work on one or the other. If you empty one, lets say on a Mac, then put on our files to take home to put onto a PC, it will not work. The PC simply will not allow you to do anything with the external hard drive. It knows its there, but it also can tell that it was used for a Mac so the only way you can use it, is to format it. Now to format it, it deletes everything that is on it. Same goes for the situation where you take a external hard drive, delete everything on it on a PC, take in and get the files off the work Mac computer and then try to put those files onto the home PC. No Go! Technically, these files being on a work computer are now property of work. I do not like this at all. What I do not understand as well is, why did the IT guy put the info from a PC onto a Mac? How did he do it? He is refusing to help me on this subject. I understand the whole doing me a favor, but really what favor has he done me at this point? He told me the computer was wiped and reinstalled of all programs, aka, ready to work again, so why not put the files back onto it? Did he not do this as the Mac would not let him? And he did not want to admit he lost all our info anyways after saying he had saved it?
Meh! I have tried two different external hard drives and now will try DVDs. Problem is there is 100GB of photos and music so it will take me a lot of discs!!

As for my computer - I just do not know what to do. Both our computers started to have problems after I got my IPhone. It seems every time I plug it in to charge or update it, the computers get funny. Then we started to get messages pop up on the computer, and it thought the IPhone was plugged in when it was not. Sometimes my Ipod will do the same thing.

Does anyone else have this problem? That is, using Mac technology like the IPhone and Ipod on a PC computer?? Any suggestions at this point would be extremely welcome!

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