Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update on sewing and health

I was making another vet donation quilt -another strip one because they are fast and easy. I decided I had better give them something different so I took my long stripes with were 42" long and I had sewed them together to make a width of 23 inches or so. I cut them into two perfect (hee hee, well not perfect - this is me we are talking about!) squares that ended up measuring 21" approx.
I then put them face down, stripes on the bottom going vertical, and the square on the top being horizontal. I sewed them together all the way the outside.
As you can see above, after sewing them shut, I cut an X through the pieces.

Open them up and tadah!! Something that looks finicky that is really just stripes! Thanks to Jan Fowler at the quiting retreat - I was able to learn this little trick. Neat huh?

So now I can sew these four squares together and have a much more interesting quilt to donate. I hope to complete it tonight. I will post a pic when it is done.

Ah and this angle you may recognize? It is still a quilting corner - but without my fabrics displayed, or anything on the table except for my machine and computer. You may even note that there are two chairs there. In fact, if I did a close up - you may see crumbs like it was being used like a dinner table.
I was very saddened to discover that my husband hates looking at my fabrics, and all my supplies. At first (as poor Talin can contest - sorry for unloading on you) I was extremely upset. I think it was more of a shock to my ego, "What do you mean you do not like my fabrics or seeing what I am working on"? He said to me that everyone knows that I sew, but we do not need it in our faces. So I sulked all weekend about that and the fact that I broke myself. (Funny as I was running down the stairs to get screws to put up a shelf in my sewing corner to keep my thread handy - that is not happening now).
So above is what the sewing corner looks like now. Its okay except I have smashed my head a few times on the black shelf and I have been instructed that everything must be in boxes under the table where no-one can see it.
I was hoping to get a room out of one of the spares that are being built in the basement for my sewing room and have been informed that yes and no. I can have a room that I use, but everything must be packed up at the end of every session regardless of the jobs status. Its not completely unreasonable, I mean I do want him to pick up his tools. I was dreaming of a room that I could just close the door on and come back to when ever I was ready and every thread and pair of scissors would be in there place - ready for me to use them. The same in their place idea is happening - but they will be in a wardrobe that when I now not get to close the door, but leave open and perhaps if someone came over and looked in, it is not a sewing room. It is a nothing room with a wardrobe.
Do you like the old clunker on the top shelf?? That baby is about 30-35 years old according to the folks at Johnson's Sewing Centre. It was my baby for a few years. By baby, I mean one of those colicky babies. It was okay at first - but because such a nightmare to use. I am very happy to retire it!

Oh - jeesh this post is getting wordy. OK, quick health update. My foot still hurts - but I can walk on it! Nothing appears to be broken. Yippee!! I am so sore from the crutches, I hardly feel my foot at all anymore. Ha ha ha


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