Saturday, October 2, 2010

My give away from Cotton Cocktails came! Look, isn't it awesome, she sent me beautiful hand painted cards and photo post cards.
Thank you so much Hazel!

Next up - this silly donation quilt is taking me forever. Now that I am suddenly concerned with making everything line up and perfect - doing it the right way - its all taking me forever. Still lovin in, but I wish I had more to show you guys!

Oh and check out this yumminess! This my friends is plain old spaghetti sauce with mushrooms, onion, garlic and I shredded a few carrots in so I could make it healthier without the hubby complaining. lol. A can of diced tomatoes and a tomato paste - simmered on the stove for 30 min. Made up some noodles, then put it together in these fabulous little ceramic dishes my dad and his wife gave me (I love these things - best gift to date possibly from them). Again, I used that fabulous Gouda with tomato and olives. Delicious. 

This awesome dish I bought at one of those trade shows from a booth called Evelyn's Kitchen. It is brilliant. The texture on it allows me to "grind" garlic, onions, ginger - anything - even cinnamon sticks to a fabulous paste. With this, I was able to make my own garlic butter for the cheese bagels I toasted to go with our bakes spaghetti. 
Mm mm


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