Monday, March 7, 2011

Where did the past week go?

I had such high hopes for my 200 post. I wanted to do a give away, I wanted to offer my pattern, I wanted to have another UFO done, plus I wanted to have my table runner done. I even didn't post any blogs for the weekend hoping to some how get all this done over the two days - but I totally failed. 

This past 10-14 days, I was working my 9-5 like usual. In the evenings when I got home, I did the normal routine, I made my husband supper, I did the dishes, I tidied the living room, I gave my animals their meds, I cleaned the litter box and swept the floors.

Then I went diligently to my sewing machine or computer. I managed to color in my design electronically and label all the different colors so that you can read the pattern. I calculated the amount of required fabric, made up templates, figured out what needed to be cut. I even managed to cut out all of the Dresden pieces for it. Somewhere in there, I had an issue with the templates I made, I had traced the pieces with my blue sharpie, I scanned them into an image file thinking I would clean them up in Colorshop, but I just didn't like it. My hexi was wonky and the cleaned up version looked too cleaned. LOL. I guess it takes a little more time so I hope those of you wanting this pattern will forgive me! I am still trying to get it done - but I want it to be really good. 

In the midst of this I as well hemmed three pairs of pants that my coworker gave me with money (hard to say no to someone who has cash!). I patched my husbands disintegrating work jeans. They are so paper thin that after I patched both knees and a hole mid calf - he got another split in them above the knee. I also ate alot of chocolate, and turned Wall-E into a change holder.

I basically unstuffed his backside, inserted a pouch I stitched up from some quilting scraps. I hand stitched it in, added a snap and now it looks like he has a backpack. There is even a little bit of money in there.

Now I have to vent slightly. Mr Hunter has gone away on business and every time he has to do this - he leaves everything to last minute. While he was packing and charging ipods and whatnot, I crawled into bed. I woke up to this!

Yesterday morning, I had cleaned off that entire coffee table, scrubbed it done and all that was put back onto it was the Kleenex box and the mouse to the computer. Now look at the mess.
Hangers on the floor, clothing thrown all over the place. Baskets of laundry left for me to fold.
Hmp, these are the jeans I wasted my time to patch - thrown into the corner!
Even Lucky is taken back by the mess!
That's a shirt he has drying on my sewing table!
There is another drying on the back of my sewing chair! The outrage!!
 OK, So my chores are minimal, my kids are three pets that for the most part can entertain themselves. But still! Now instead of working on my pattern when I get home, I will be finding the living room. Ha ha. I feel much better now.
Thanks for listening my friends, I knew you would understand.

To make up for my mini whine - I will do my best to clean as quickly as possible - get some fabric cut for the give away and be back tomorrow with a cleaner house and stuff to give away!!
Fingers crossed that happens. At least I do not have to cook for anyone for myself - chips and salsa it is!!


  1. Oh, I feel your pain! My hubby is leaving Sunday for a week, and he will leave me the same sort of mess. And then there will be a second mess when he bring all the dirty clothes home and unpacks.
    I don't cook when he's gone either. Cereal, sandwiches and frozen mac and cheese. Closest I'll get to cooking is chopping up a cucumber for a salad. Hoping I'll get loads of sewing done while it is just me and kitties!

  2. I think I would be tempted to change the locks while he was away (just kidding, well, maybe just a tiny bit serious). How did you just not totally lose it when you saw that mess? You are an angel for being so understanding, Carolyn.

  3. Looks like a whirlwind went through your house! LOL. Chips and salsa sounds good. :)

  4. I wish my hubby would go away so I could clean without his "help". He has been sick for 3 weeks - no trip to the doctors - and just stands in the middle of the room asking what can I do? At least my girls are old enough that they can help clean up...and they like it! Oh, I could ship them out to you to help you????

  5. Take the night off and have yourself a beer!

  6. Salsa and chips! Yum!! Don't worry about getting things done. It will happen. A little cleaning, a little whine and everything's fine. Have fun with your projects (& Lucky).