Saturday, March 5, 2011

I got my rug mugs!

Aren't they awesome!
Here is the pair.

I love the free motion heart!

Pretty diagonal stripes! Check out the awesome Scottie fabric in the top left corner. Love it!

I love this fabric! Its the back to the stripes.

The back to the heart mug rug.
Thank you Balinda! I love them!
Only bad thing is Mr. Hunter started whining that he does not have one. lol. He wants one with the Vancouver Canucks hockey logo. I'll get to it eventually!

In the meantime - guess what!? The person I made the custom place mats for, now wants it done in a double size quilt for her daughters birthday! I totally under priced myself, but she is a friend - that and I am spineless. 



  1. Wow those are nice. Really, Canucks for Mr. Hunter?? Do something better, like Calgary Flames. LOL

    Double size quilt - you are on your way! Congrats.