Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fabric purchase, and other news

I am brewing up another design/pattern in my head but I am not ready to put it to paper yet. Sometimes I need to sleep on these things to figure out the details more clearly.

I was able to find this fabric I had used for the sky of the custom place mats I had made.

As I had gotten it from the clearance of the clearance section online from the states - I certainly did not expect to find it. But alas, you can could on finding discontinued patterns for nearly full price in Canada. Although I was sad that originally I only paid around $3 for the yard of this fabric and now just paid around $13 for the meter (that's almost the same measurement), I was very excited that I found it!
I also picked up some larger hexi templates as well as some 6 pointed star templates.

I also got a couple of exciting things in the mail, I got my fabric from Frances from the blog One More Quilt If you have not seen her blog you should check it out, she is doing a ton of give aways! Sorry I forgot to mention her blog earlier!
The other exciting thing I got in the mail was my Fabricland flyer. They are doing a draw out of each and every store for a FREE SEWING MACHINE! Holy crappers huh!?!
If that was not exciting enough, I then discovered that some awesome artists are coming to Edmonton this summer!
I love Ani, I have seen her twice already. I think this venue is outside so it should be really cool - no rain storm or hail could keep me away from this one!

I am sure you are all tired of reading this, but if you have not entered my give away - you can do so by clicking here, there is still time to enter. If you would like to check out my pattern for sale on Etsy, you can get to that by clicking here!

Cheers my friends,


  1. Isn't it depressing how much the cost of fabric has risen? Glad you were able to find what you were looking for. Sounds like a fun time in June!

  2. Thanks for mentioning my blog. Glad that you received so many things for your projects. You will be quite busy for some time to come...

  3. NO WAY - I'm a massive Ani fan. I've seen her 10 times (including twice in the UK). I just love her live shows.

  4. Yeah for finding the on the price.