Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fabric for my buttons!

So, Here is my first package out as payment for my lovely buttons. Natasha, I hope you like what I have coming to you!!
She told me she loves blue and green, and has some left over purples and pinks that she is using for possible a quilt for her daughters. She also mentioned wanted to expand her color horizon so I added in some lovely red, and some pretty butterflies - the purple, which looks burgundy in the picture, is to add to her own collection or to her daughters quilt.

When I got home from work last night, there was the most lovely bird (lovely by Canadian bird status that is as we obviously do not get any tropical birds up here!!) chipping away at my bird feeder. I didn't get a very good picture and Mr. Hunter was yelling at the dog to shut up. Here is the bird anyways:
That's the side of my neighbours fence where they insist on smoking dope. Because my walls and windows completely lack in vapour barrier and insulation - I have the non pleasure of it coming into the house. You cannot see it from this shot, but they have an old kitchen chair out there and everything. I cannot wait until we get this house finished! They are really nice, but I would rather not have to know every time they are having that type of recreational time.


  1. Holy cow your button package was so nice - and then this fabric. Lucky lucky girl!

  2. Love the bird -- is that some kind of a woodpecker?

    Have you thought about taping some kind of a note to the neighbor's chair? Something about people might be watching?