Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Attack of the muppets!

I was getting dressed the other day in my normal attire - gotchies, tights, socks, pants - but in the process, I had put my slippers on as the house is a little chilly and 100% dirty from renos. I looked down and Oh My, I look like a Muppet. I thought it was funny, and even snorted with glee as I grabbed the camera to show you how silly I look apparently every day!

I had to pick up all this confetti that Mr. Hunter dumped all over my sewing table and floor. It made me think of those Sesame Street episodes when they have a birthday and spew confetti everywhere. It really completed my Muppet look.
Any one else had a silly snort at yourself moment lately?


  1. Laughing. . . .
    Still laughing. . . . .
    More laughing. . . .
    And, yes, even more laughing. . .

  2. Giggle! Don't we all have those moments?! Thanks for sharing!
    Jacque in SC

  3. I like it! :) But yes, muppetish kind of. That's ok, I look crazy sometimes too, just don't take pictures when I do... :)

  4. LOL - that is classic. I had a silly moment when I noticed that I had on white pants and bright green undies on (that said, FEELING LUCKY, across the butt). Yep. a bit silly when I was bending over at the store to pick out juice.