Friday, March 18, 2011

Gosh Darn It!

So, I just bought this fabric the other day in an attempt to use up my credit at the fabric store - I had mentioned that the other day (I am not mentioning the store name - it is not Fabricland but another store in town - I like that they have designer fabric, but the prices- oh gawd the prices are so expensive! I have found a deeper well of love for Fabricland - they now have 50% off all quilting fabrics for members all the time!) I found the sky fabric from the place mats that I need for the quilt I am now doing.
I also found the cutest fabric, one of little dogs, and another of little monkeys. I paid around $16 for the meter and justified it in my head as A. I was using my credit, and B. I only bought .2 of the meter. 
Here are those cute prints plus another I found in their discounted rack (only 30% from too expensive to start with).
 So I am now online looking to find the Kaffe Fassett that I needed to get from this local store that they have the prints I need in every color but the greens I require. What do I find? ah Poop! Its one of the fabrics I paid way too much money for, on sale for 7 bucks. Darn It!
If I keep looking, which I am going to because Wish Upon A Quilt has the Kaffe Fassett I need for what seems to be the best price I can find online - I am not going to just get that! ha ha Might as well make it worth my while right! I was hoping to find the prints I needed at the Sew It Is place I gave the link for yesterday - I want those funny farm animals! I like Wish Upon A Quilt though, good service, decent prices, can't go wrong! I wish the local store would just give me back my money - its not my fault they did not have enough people for their class. I paid up front like a good girl now I have to pay for it.
OK, My crying is done - I knew you would understand my shopping blues.
I love you guys, so understanding. HA HA HA

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  1. Such a PITA! I hate when that happens. I once paid $10/yard for fabric that I then found online for $5/yard. I was PISSED!!!!!

  2. It's too bad you're not close enough to visit Wish Upon a Quilt. It's a fun store and only about 30 minutes from my house.

  3. I'm not sure which fabric you're looking for but I get most of my Kaffe Fassetts from Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works (by mail). She has sales all the time. Last week all Westminsters were $7.15 yard.

  4. That happened to me too. $65.00 credit at a store for a returned foot that didn't work with my machine. I used the credit slowly over the space of a year and then it came down to $1.17 credit. Did they give me the cash - no. And like your store the fabric is too expensive. So my $65.00 wasn't used wisely. Now that the credit is used up - they don't see me anymore.

  5. Hi Carolyn,
    You did find some cute fabrics...
    The high cost is one of the reasons I like to buy on line more these days because of the regular cost of fabric here. The LQS have some beautiful fabrics but, I am like you, I can't justify spending 16 to 22 dollars Can.. I feel bad about not being able to buy more locally but..
    Check out Hancocks of Paducah or The Fat Quarter Shop or Sew Sisters in Toronto for Kaffe fabrics- I know Sew Sisters and Hancocks have some in their clearance section.
    Happy sewing Carolyn- Today is the first day of spring--- Will the snow soon go???
    Warmest regards,