Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Well, this is one way to get out of baking a cake!

It was Mr. Hunters birthday yesterday and thanks to our little weekend project, I have been spared from several kitchen duties - including trying to make a cake with a 1970's gas stove that burned the bottom of everything! Thank the heavens! I had taken the day off just so I could have several attempts at it/clear the house of smoke to get one made. I can only make muffins by using doubled up muffin cups so the idea of trying to get a cake to rise properly and not be black on the bottom was making me lose sleep.
Check out my new kitchen:
Isn't the morning sun lovely?? Bahahaahahaaaa
The walls were a perfect combination of both a drywall sheet and then a 1/2-3/4" thick spread of plaster. Just a little heavy!
I think this is a good look for me, Don't you??
Needless to say - it was a tad bit dusty. Mr. Hunter is in between our plastic walls we hung to try and salvage the rest of the house. It never works! But it did help.
The worst part of all this dust - everything on my sewing table (Tiffany - I packaged up your star material so it was safe!) has a layer of dust on it. I asked Mr. Hunter if I could cut some plastic for my table to prevent this issue - he felt it would be a waste to cut such a small piece of expensive plastic - it is vapour barrier Carolyn! - he brought me a tarp and I quickly discovered as I started to unfold it that a cat had peed in it. GROSS! For once it was not one of my fuzzy butts. I was told the tarp was in the garage. How it got peed in, I do not know - but it was definitely not going on my table and I had to clean the floors both before and after the demo. BOO
This was a lot to get out of baking - but you have to do what you have to do! ha ha
I have a brand new fridge and stove coming April 2nd so we have to get the demo done before they arrive. I spent all day Sunday trying to plan out my new kitchen. I really wish I was dealing with a square and not this weird shape - but at least I am getting a new kitchen so I best not complain!

PS - I am sure you have all done this, but just in case - please enter into my give away here. Good Luck!


  1. Oh mine! That is one way to get out of baking. I guess there will be a lot of eating out over the next couple of weeks? Will any sewing get done?

  2. Well yippy on new kitchen and crap on dust and things going everywhere. I hope the project goes fast so that you can get back to normal life.

  3. Yes, you do look adorable!! Doesn't it feel good to be doing all that and improving your house? No?? Well, wait til it's done and you'll be so happy.

  4. New appliances will be great and Mr. Hunter will most likely expect a belated cake...Enjoy the new kitchen and take a picture of your first baking project with the new appliances.