Saturday, March 26, 2011

My house is becoming my nightmare

I will let the pictures speak for themselves:
Kitchen looking into living room

The three open walls I have to navigate through to get back and forth through the kitchen/living room.

The master bedroom

Master bedroom

Why yes, this is mew sewing table

From between the walls, looking into the kitchen

Floor picture from the old entry into the kitchen. On the kitchen floor is two layers of tile, one layer of lino and then a sub floor all laid on top of what appears to be original hardwood.

Living room
Isn't it funny how Lucky is in every shot? He is so adorable and he just follows me every where. All these pictures, you probably think the basement must be done? No, its not, it looks like a dumping zone/storage clutter area.
I know Mr Hunter said he had to take out the wall so he could figure out all the electrical before he sealed the basement ceiling, I just hope this goes quickly!
Wish me luck.


  1. Wow--I can't imagine the amount of work you & hubby have already performed, or what still lies ahead of you. It must be kind of tough to keep your spirits ups at this stage of the process.

  2. I feel for you. When my husband put up bulkheads and recessed lighting in our living room, I thought I would go nuts! I couldn't keep up with all the dust and plaster - it went everywhere. And it seemed like the project lasted forever. But then I've learned home improvement projects ALWAYS take longer than you think they will.

  3. I can't imagine what this will all look like in the end. What is the plan? Seems overwhelming!

  4. Just remember - this too shall pass! Someday you'll look back on this and laugh at the pictures. For now, you could always leave your hubby notes written on the 2x4s! Just imagine the surprise of someone who tears down the wall a hundred years from now to find a love note or funny joke or even "You better get this done soon, buster!" ;-)

  5. Hey! Your place looks just like mine. Except without Lucky. Our kitchen cabinets have to be re-ordered so it will probably take another four weeks before things will start to go back to normal.

  6. I have never gone thru something like that so all I know what to say is....oh my! I love Sarah's idea of leaving notes on the 2x4s. Are you getting any crafting done?

  7. But when it is finished you'll be in love!

  8. Oh my, oh my! That is one grand mess you have there. I really feel for you trying to live with all that. I've lived through a remodel before and it's rough. (You better come live with me for a week - and get a break!)

  9. You have quite the reno going Carolyn- I am sure it is going to be beautiful when it is done. I hope that it goes quickly and that you don't have too many bumps in the road.
    Perhaps we will get that chance to get together yet- Let me know if you have time to have coffee this week.
    Warmest regards,