Thursday, March 3, 2011

Its so cold!

Weather forecast for the next two weeks are for us to be in the -20 to -30's so Lucky has to wear more clothing. He HATES it! 
Mommy, are you SERIOUS??

No really, Don't make me go out there, they will all laugh at me!

Hmp. Is anyone out here to see me? I am so embarrassed right now, I cannot believe you made me come out here like this. I am a JRT for Gawd's Sake!

Hey, BARK BARK BARK - stay away from here, you must not see me in my sweater and booties! Oh the horror!

Finally, back inside with my booties and sweater off. That's right, put the quilt scraps back on the door to keep out the draft - I am not going back out there with that clothing on! Mean Mommy!


  1. Oh My. You are a wonderful mommy. the first time I saw the picture with the booties, I thought he was saying "really, how could you do this to me?"

    We are only -10 today. Of course that is without windchill.

  2. Carolyn! How could you LOL. I think he may like it just a little as I can see his tail wagging in the first picture, he is only looking like that for some sympathy!! JRs are such little characters, love em. Hugs Linda

  3. I'm sure he hates it - but SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!!!

  4. Poor thing - it's almost as if he really thinks that.

  5. LOL!!!!!! The look he is giving you in the first and third photo says it all. We once put rain booties on our dog and he walked around like a drunk chicken. Currently, one of my pups loves to wear her sweater but really enjoys the back scratches when it comes off. Thanks for sharing Lucky's little story!

  6. Awww, poor Lucky! But so cute!

  7. ROFLMAO! I just spit tea on my keyboard!

  8. LOL! Oh this is funny, especially him barking! LOL!! Mean ol mommy!