Monday, March 21, 2011

Another awesome fabric store to check out - and the winner to my give away!

I know you probably want to know who won the give away - but first, let me tell you about this amazingly awesome fabric store my friend Anna got me onto. I had never even heard of them, and as soon as I got to the site - it was love. Anna has a great blog too, its called Quiltmom's Journey, she is from Edmonton just like me.
The fabric site is called Connecting Threads and their prices are amazing. I received confirmation of shipping the very next morning after the evening I ordered which is great. Check out this super cool fabric line they have!
Its called Around Town and comes in Noon or Night. I ordered both.
Here is one print from each color - to see the entire line, check out Connecting Threads site. They also have a kick butt collection of batiks and several more cool things I had in my cart before disciplining myself to just choose one line. I did just order from Wish Upon a Quilt the day before this order so I had to be a little bit good. I can be bad next month!

I did however order a new rotary cutter and some more rulers as Connecting Threads has a 40% off sale on them. Anna, thank you again for this awesome new online store! 

Now on to the winner!

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That means Sallie is my winner!
Sallie said...

I'm a follower.
YAHOO, Sallie, send me you snail mail and I will send you your fabric. I will send you an email with the pattern right now =).

I was looking at my give away post and I was not very clear as to whether I was doing a separate draw for each thing, or together - so I drew a second number!


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That means, Natasha you win a copy of my pattern too!
Natasha said...

Here is my post about your giveaway!
I will send it to you via email.

Thank you to every one who entered! I will do the next give away when I reach 100 friends aka Followers!


  1. I have seen this site before and I am so jealous....I can't order they wont ship outside US and Canada....poo.

  2. I love both of these fabrics!! Lovely - I can't wait to see how you use them!!!

  3. They also have a great sale on books every so often - 40% off. My quilt bee and I put together an order when they do because they have free shipping over $50. Their prices on fabric were even better last year, but they just recently raised them because of the new cotton prices. Still good though.

  4. Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks for your kind words about the blog.
    Congratulations to your winners- I am sure that they are going to love your prizes.
    I love the choices you made from Connecting Threads- They really are a nice company and I have been happy with what I have received in the mail from them.
    I bought batting from them ( a queen sized cotton batt for less than 20 dollars) They often have a batting sale or book sale. They also have a quilt forum called Quilt with Us ( free) and there are various bee groups you can sign up. I belong to the scrap one and quilting canadians..
    I am waiting for a box of fabric from them as they had some of their batiks on sale for 4.16 a yard a couple of weeks ago.
    Do check out Sew Sisters and Hancocks of Paducah- Sew Sisters is from Toronto and they have lovely fabrics - you will find name designers in their clearance section.
    Hancocks has a good shipping rate to Canada and they have sections of fabric for 4.98. 5.98 a yard- not long ago they have Kaffe fabrics and Hoffman Batiks in that mix.
    Happy Shopping- so many choices and not enough dollars/ time to play with it all LOL

  5. Congratulations to both of the winners. Connecting Threads has been my "go-to" store for several years now. I love the quality of the fabrics, their customer service is amazing and you just can't beat their prices.