Saturday, March 12, 2011

I seem to have lost my desk?

It was there in the beginning of the week, now its the weekend and I cannot seem to find it. It does not seem to matter how many storage containers I have or how much fabric I have shoved under my table (Fabricland has a 50% off the entire store including the discount wall this weekend so I am in so much trouble), my table always ends up like this. This is actually pretty good for me.
I love to "watch" movies while I sew. I do not know why as I am only really listening - but I seem to enjoy it more then listening to music lately. Anyone else like to "watch" movies and sew?

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  1. Love to watch movies on my computer..I have a stack of DVDs (which adds to the clutter) that I love to "watch" over and over...hence I don't have to look....

  2. I sew at the kitchen table (looking forward to moving soon and our house WILL have an extra room for mamas sewing) and I usually have background TV noise vs music. I love when I get to pick the channel doesn't always happen that way. :)

  3. We have not been able to eat at our table as the sewing has taken over. My goal is to get it cleaned up thsi weekend....50% off, including discount, try to control yourself!!!

    Love the dresden.

  4. I love to "watch" movies while I sew - I stream movies or tv from Netflix, or load DVDs into my computer if the internet is on the fritz! Lately I've been watching a lot of TV - Grey's Anatomy kept me going for a while, and this week I've been laughing out loud watching Third Rock From The Sun!

    PS your desk looks a lot like mine....

  5. I watch movies or listen to music. Keeps me from getting too bored!