Thursday, October 6, 2011

What the ugly window picture leads to!!

Check it out!!
 So it started with this not so pretty picture.
 Oh but look at the progress!
 Nice underlay to keep my feeties warm.
 Yummy floors and my fantastic pink chair! I had the matching couch - loved it, Mr Hunter wanted to through it into the garbage! Can you believe the nerve? I should a picture of it to a friend and she collected it that weekend. I'm sitting in this pink chair right now.
 Here is me moving in. Is it not painfully obvious yet? I got my sewing room!!!!
Here is my very own closet full of all my fabulous fabric!
When I went to the sewing retreat this past weekend, I did not buy any fabric on the way out. This is an absolute first for me! But I finally could see and pull from my own stash. I did not even fall to temptation while I was there. That to was a first for me!
I am going to a shop this weekend however so I will build my stash up. Looks a little anemic all spread out. Piled up shoved under a table made it look like I had so much, but not so bad. lol.


  1. How wonderful to having your own sewing room! I'm envious. Enjoy!!!

  2. Congratulations on finally moving in! I know it was a long wait for you. I'm never going to show my husband your stash, because it makes mine look all the worse! Ha! Ha! Of course, if your husband complains about the size of yours, feel free to show him pictures of mine.

  3. YEA!!! I love your new room and putting the warming stuff under your floor is too niffy! Love the flooring by the way. (It appears that installing Google Chrome is the only way for me to comment. Thanks for letting me know)

  4. It is a beautiful place to sew to your heart's content. May you have many inspiring and creative moments in your new sewing sanctuary.

  5. Hi Carolyn,
    It really is a lovely space and there is lots of room in that cupboard. You are going to have a grand time I am sure creating some beautiful pieces in your quilting space. I know that you added some nice pieces today on our quilting adventure. Thanks for inviting me along - it was fun and a lovely sunny fall day.
    Warmest regards,