Monday, October 3, 2011

Fabric Post cards

My friend Gwen makes fabric postcards and I wanted to share with you the set of Autumn cards she was making at the last retreat I went to (not the one I just got back from yesterday).
Gwen has only been quilting for a couple of years and she is already really really really good. Puts me to shame, but I loved that I was stationed beside her as she shared tons of tips and tricks with me! I will try and do up a project to show you one of the coolest ones she showed me.

Gwen uses a thick stabilizer for the middle and a white fabric for the back that she simply uses a permanent marker to draw the centre line and Postcard at the top. For these ones, she actually used that inexpensive foam you can buy for kids crafts at the dollar store. She sewed through the top fabrics and the foam without the white backing attached. When it was done, Gwen glued the edges of the back to hold the white fabric on, and then satin stitched the edges to complete it.


  1. Those are gorgeous! Can you really send those through the mail? Neat!

  2. Always wanted to try this. Thanks for sharing!