Friday, October 28, 2011

iPad cover for me!

I finally made an iPad cover for myself. Figured it was about time. I have so many lovely fabrics, I just could not decide, but then I thought - hey, I can make myself as many covers as I want!! So, my first cover is using fabrics from Amy Butler, Anna Marie Horner and Valorie Wells. I used a lovely grey solid and a print for the binding from Connecting Threads and tadah, here it is:

I used a double layer if batting to make it extra safe for my dear little iPad - as I am not that careful with things. I have already dropped it on the floor, so I figured I best give it some extra cushion.
Have you made a cover for your eReader or iPad? What fabrics did you use?


  1. It looks terrific and I love the fabrics you have chosen.

  2. So pretty and what flair you have here! I'd love to just look at it.