Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time flies - the news today... slightly random post

Crazy news today huh? Steve Jobs has died, very sad. I was amazed to read that he was actually diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer 6 years ago. It blows my mind that he was able to go on for so long. Usually, and very sadly, you only get a couple of months. I read that he had several operations which included some new organs to keep going. Since he was ranked #46 on the worlds richest persons, you can do that. Not so much for the rest of us.

But that was just a thought bubble that came in my head as I logged into my computer and saw the Google link to Apple which has the notice. Sorry to rattle and prattle on.

I actually just wanted to share some pictures of what Edmonton looks like right now.
Here you go:
 I love purple.
Now this not so pretty picture leads to something fantastic that I have not shared on my blog yet - but I told a couple of you about.. ... I will try to post more tomorrow. Its night night time!!

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