Sunday, October 9, 2011

Road trip adventure with Anna!

I mentioned briefly the other day that I was heading out to a quilt shop in Mayerthorpe, AB. The shop is called Behind the Seams and let me just say.. ... IT IS AWESOME!
The shop is not open on Saturdays - but they will take appointments so I made one for 12 noon. Anna and I drove up from Edmonton and we met up with my other quilting friend Cheryl. The shop is an hour and a half from Edmonton and it was totally worth the drive! When we first pulled up, the shop looked small and my heart sank a little. Then I opened the door and my jar hit the floor. This place for a shop in the country was huge! In fact, she had a huge selection even for a city store. Her racks were full of delicious fabric with prices that made my heart and pocket book sing with sheer joy!
I got a large bag of fabric as did Anna. I sadly forgot my camera on my coffee table - so here are some crappy iPhone pics.
The view from the front door.
 Here is Anna with her bag of yumminess.
Here is the owner Shelley (I am pretty sure I remembered that correctly and I am so sorry if I am wrong). She was great, and I really appreciated the fact that she opened the store on her day off for us!!
The shop has a large classroom as well which had panels, kits and patterns for sale and on display. 
Here are my spoils!!
The STACK!! ha ha

The pattern and pieces at the top are from a kit I bought - I started making it last night- but it came in a sweet brown paper bag with the clear plastic window so you could see the fabrics inside.

I got a couple of tools and patterns to. It was a great day.
Thanks for coming with me Anna! If you do not know who Anna is, check out her blog here.


  1. What a goregous bunch of fabrics to add to your stash! Sounds like a wonderful day.

  2. Wow! What a wonderful trip. I'm so glad I didn't go with you - I would't have a dime left to my name, not with all those fabrics! LOL!! The stack looks so delightful. And it's cool that you have already started in on it. Let'see the progress as you go.

  3. It was a fun trip Carolyn and I enjoyed reading your post about our journey. I finally got a new post up and you can see some of my reflections about the trip.
    I am looking forward to seeing your new projects too. Hope you have had a great Thanksgiving Day. Talk to you soon. Warmest regards, Anna

  4. Whoo hoooo! What a fun day! If only my son had ever perfected a Star Trek style transporter, like he promised when he was 5....I could have come with you!! LOL