Monday, October 24, 2011

Care to join me on a fun quilting bee?

I originally posted this on September 30 and I have three peoples interested, so if you would like to join us, please leave me a comment!

I was thinking it would be pretty cool to start up my own bee. An art bee! Here is what I am thinking, if you would like to join me on this creative adventure, please leave a comment. I am hoping for 11 people so we  can each take a month.

Art We Crafty is the name I just made up, cheesy? YES. Love it!! This bee if enough of you are interested, will be a slight twist from other bee groups. Each person will still be assigned their own month, we will send out fabric to the 11 other members when it is our month and in turn each month we will create with the fabric received a block for that person. So what is the twist? How does the Art part come in? I would like us to think a little outside of the box, it does not have to be extreme, it can be a simple embellishment on a traditional block, or applique, or taking traditional patterns and changing them to make something else. Or you could go all out and create your own masterpiece.
Here are some blocks I have done for my Let's Bee Together group (which made me realize as I look at everyone elses blocks that I do not really fit in.. ... but they still like me I think?).

So again, these are just my blocks, for examples only - it would not be making these blocks. If it was your month you could send out fabric with as many instructions as you like. For example, it could be to make a certain block, but to embellish it with lace or buttons. Another example could be to make any type of block you want, but use fabric A as the focus. You could even send out your fabric and just tell people to make you a penguin block!
Please keep in mind however that art blocks do take more fabric to make. The more fabric you can send, the more potential for creativity to flow. Do I have any takers? Would 11 of you like to join me? Please leave a comment if you do.


  1. I think your art blocks are lovely...very original and I love your attention to details! I'm not sure this type of bee would be my thing as I have a hard time coming up with my own ideas (or putting any idea I may have to fabric is a completely different issue). Good luck, I hope you get to 11 members!

  2. It sounds like fun and I hope you get enough people to sign up. I'm not really an artsy kind of quilter (plus I have way too many projects going right now), but I'm admire your creativity!