Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trying to help the planet

I made a couple of coffee cozies, the one you saw here. I then made a couple more and in my mind thought - okay, if I make these slowly for the whole office as everyone here goes for coffee at least once a day - I will be helping the environment by saving literally hundreds of cardboard cozies from being used and being put in the landfill! Great idea huh?? 
PROBLEM - You can lead the horse to water but you cannot make him drink - they will not use their cozies. Can you believe that?? Its not like I used ugly fabric, I dipped into my beautiful Fandango by Kate Spain for these. I placed them on their desk and waited to see if they liked them. I always do this, I do not know why, but I prefer people to discover their presents on their own. I guess I do not want to see any disappointment on their face, and this allows them to have any real emotion they really feel and then regardless of love or hate it, they can thank me later if they want to. 
So you have seen the first one, here is the second one I made:
And the third:
I just loved how these turned out, but I have not a clue how to get them to use them. I mentioned to the one person when she came in with coffee and not the cozy, "Hey, you forgot to use your new cozy". I hoped that would work, but no, every day a coffee and not my cozy.  
That is 0 for 3, not a one of them use the cozy - so I stopped making them. I don't want to waste the fabric if they are not going to use it. 
Guess I will have to help the planet some other way! 


  1. That was so sweet of you to make cozies for all your office mates. At least you have the right attitude. Maybe if they see you using your cozy, they will use theirs. But do not get your hopes up.

  2. That was awfully nice of you to make them. You must be disappointed at their reaction. Are you using one so can show them how cute and stylish they are?

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