Friday, November 12, 2010

Retreat pictures

I still have not completed my project from the retreat, nor have I taken any pictures of it. I thought I did while I was out there, but I only have one. Here is a sneak peak of it. We made a quilters carry all bag. This is the pocket, on the front pocket.. .. ha ha ha, there are so many pockets on this thing!
Here are some other finished projects by the talented ladies out there:

This is Sue, isn't her quilt fabulous?

This is Shirley. This project is just darling! She was unsure if she wanted to do the snowmen at the top. I am so glad she did, its super cute!

This is Barb (on the right - to the left is my new friend Vicky), she made this amazing tree skirt!

Here is Wanda (in the fun white and purple flower shirt playing shy) showing off her finished quilt top for her son in law. Lucky guy!!

And finally, here is my friend Norma with our instructor Monica and Shirley trying (desperately!!) to open a (by that I mean another) bottle of wine.
And another picture because I think its funny:

Ah ha ha ha ha. They ended up pushing the cork into the wine. Like there was any worry they would not drink the whole bottle anyways!

Its the weekend - again! Perhaps there is more wine and sewing in my near future. How about you?


  1. Wow, those quilts are amazing! I agree, I love the snowmen up the top. Makes it a little whimsical. Always found it's good to drink wine when stippling!!

  2. What a wonderful weekend. All of the quilts look AMAZING!