Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In

My goal was to finish the top of my never ending pinwheel quilt. But my body's goal was to fall asleep sitting up, next to Mr. Hunter whom as well fell asleep sitting up. Apparently we are too old to stay up late and party with Ozzy. Luckily we did not sleep the entire night away! We woke up - freezing, the temperature outside had dropped what felt like another 5 degrees. Our house lacks the basic things that keep that cold out - you know the stuff? Its call insulation and vapor barrier. Our house being built in 1948, it was originally insulated with wood chips which has settled to the very bottom of the walls. In our exploratory searches, we have found some exterior walls without even the wood chips. But I digress - so we woke up, freezing! Mr. Hunter grabbed some food and got ready for hockey. I stayed on the couch, covering myself with not one but two fleece blankets to try and thaw. Once he left, I hopped up and got onto my sewing machine - ready to go! I put on my heavy hoodie, took one blanket with me for my legs and got to sewing.
I did not get the last 5 rowes on, I only got three. Fortunately, I intend on continuing to sew all weekend so I will finish the last two rowes and get a start on the back. Yippee. 
I did feel pretty good after my nap. This morning we even slept in. All three animals were crawling all over us trying to wake us up for breakfast, but they soon gave up and laid down with us. Now I am ready to go!! Which is a good thing as it is already 11am! I am usually up at not later then 8am. I better get a hustle on.
Here is the pins so far:

So here are my last two rowes. At least the diagonals are done - wont take long (I hope!).
What did you guys do last night? 


  1. This is going to be just incredible! How large will it be when you have finished it? You might need to hurry before you freeze!

  2. Congratulations on getting that much done! I understand about the insulation thing. We're supposed to get a cold spell in less than a week and my husband is spending most of tomorrow putting more insulation under the house. You're pinwheel quilt is looking great!