Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Quilters Carry All Bag

Okay - its still not done - but check it out!
Yeah.. ... my pocket is off-centre. Was not really paying attention to that fine detail was I?? I was trying so desperately to get it done before I had to leave and I just messed it up. I have a plan though! I will fussy cut another blue spool square to make a mini pocket  for my keys!

Close up of the fun fabrics.

Here is the bag laying open. Each pocket is lined with lovely purple fabric.

This Velcro enclosed pocket is for your straight edges and rulers.

So lets see here - pocket 1 on the inside.

2nd pocket.


This pocket was made into several smaller pockets - 7 in fact bringing our pocket count to 10.

3 more pockets on this panel, one with a zipper - 13 pocket count.

And lastly, here is one more large pocket with a zipper making the final count for the inside of the bag- 14 pockets!

The back

First outside pocket

Second outside pocket and when I do my fussy cut pocket, that will make three for the outside total, and 17 for the entire bag. Pretty cool huh??
If I follow the directions (I am not very good at that - something about being told how to be creative just does not seem to sit well with me - weird I know, silly Taurus stubbornness I guess?) all I have left to do is add the binding and Velcro to keep it closed. I think I will actually do another zipper enclosure for the entire outer length. I hate Velcro and I like doing zippers so why not. Then there is the little pocket. I went to Fabricland to find myself a little zipper and they do not come as small as I want. Maybe a button? Or the dreaded Velcro? What do you think? Or perhaps I will look online for a small zipper. I do not want it too cheap though, I would hate to rip the bag to get my keys out if it didn't open correctly. 
I hope to complete this today - wish me luck!


  1. I'm thinking maybe velcro on the smaller the idea of the zipper all of the way around.

    Love your fabric choice!! Cute!

  2. Wow, this is so awesome! I love the fabric and all the pockets. Really, really handy. I apologize if I missed this in a previous blog post, but where did you get the pattern for it? I would love to make one myself.

    What about a little snap for the small pocket? :)

  3. I love all the different types of fabric. I am thinking button or snap as well. Good luck with getting it all done today!!

  4. I am not a velcro person. You can use a button, snap, or even a large zipper (cut to the size you want/need). It is very easy to shorten a zipper. I do it all the time, let me know if you need instructions.

  5. Wow. What a great bag! Good size and looks adorable.