Monday, November 1, 2010

Package received and yummy supper made and consumed.

Food First - Cause I love to eat:
If it wasn't for Mr. Hunter, I could easily be a vegetarian, but since he loves his chicken and turkey, I eat them too as its easier to only make one meal.
Sometimes though, I make veggie meals that I love and he does not mind himself. Here is what I made quite recently:
We really got into our cheese and fruit platters after our trip to England as Mr. Hunter's cousin works in the cheese industry and introduced us to some amazing ones. My fav is a cheddar crunch that she created with one of the cheese farmers! Sadly, we cannot get it here in Canada.
The spam like meat, is vegetarian "smoked turkey" from the T & T Market. It is so delicious (I know it does not look it) that even my hubby gobbles it up! Then the round rice dumplings I found from T & T as well, are new and very tasty - microwave for 3 minutes. You have to like that! Then some good ol' Edamame which is just plain goodness with a sprinkle of Spike seasoning.

Now onto the great package!
Look what treasures I got! I made an order from Sew Deerly Loved off Etsey.
Are they not just precious?
I know I do not have kids and probably should not have wasted money on such childish prints - but I love them and they were pretty inexpensive.
Have any of you ever ordered from Sew Deerly Loved? What did you get?


  1. Okay. Some of the cutest fabric EVER! Lovely.

  2. This is OH SO CUTE!! I bought some cute fabric at my local quilt store and made a pillowcase for myself with it. And I love it! So silly but what can I say?