Sunday, November 14, 2010

It breaks my heart

I downloaded some pictures off of my iPhone and it opened up a photo gallery with all my photos - and there on the screen for me to see were the few pictures from our London trip that were not lost. Oh if only we had not even looked at them. I think knowing exactly what great photos were on the lost memory card makes it even worse. I know I should get over it, I mean I got to go all the way to Jolly Ole London, right? 
The evil thought that keeps gnawing at my brain and making me sad is that Alzheimer's runs in my family. Sometimes I have no doubts that it is already eating away at my memory. My grandmother used her photo album to help her remember for a while and I thought it was great that they had so many pictures to help her. Oh course that did backfire when she could not longer even recognize herself - but still - I dreamt that my photos would somehow help me stay with what is going on longer than without them.
So knowing that my brain will be turning to mush and that I will someday not even recognize my own face, let alone Mr. Hunter's makes me so. .. .. well, Upset! To loose an entire 4GB memory card full of so many memories I wanted to hold onto a little longer and now they are just gone.
Whah whah whah.. ... I promise to give this up soon, I know I have only minorly mentioned it maybe once or twice..  But I hope to not let it bite my ass forever! 
Well, here are a couple more photos from the holiday that we do have (really we do have so many - its just that we lost almost everything from London itself).
This is a banjo player David Hum - in Salisbury I think it was, he was fantastic! I bought his CD and recommended they invite him to Edmonton's Folk Fest which is the only thing worth living in Edmonton for. At the end of every festival you can fill out a survey and they ask whom you want to see next year. I doubt they will bring him, but I am going to put his name on my list of wants every year. His CD is awesome. I think you may find his if you google him, but I have never tried so .. ..

This is Owen - nickname is O-E. Memorize this face - he will be something someday. He has a brilliant mind - but he cheats at Battleship!

Here is one from London. I love the pedestrian signs. It is also fascinating (to me anyways) how they mix modern construction with the centuries old architecture that is there. I also find it amazing just how old everything is there. Canada is such a young country in comparison, the US too, we are living in baby countries. ha ha. I also loved seeing buildings and areas named the same as things here in Edmonton. Like our Provincial building is a pyramid which I always thought was odd - but the top of this building that was called Edmonton or Canada .. .. ah, it was in the lost photos and the Alzheimer's has stolen the correct name from me, but it is a pyramid at the very top - identical to our provincial building! And there is a neighborhood in London called Edmonton. I googled it while we were there, it has one of the oldest churches still standing there, but its also one of the worst areas according to what I was reading, so we did not go check it out. Considering the hood Mr. Hunter and I live in now, it probably isn't that bad! You get used to it after a while and it just living like normal. 
This castle was located in one of my favorite towns that we visited - yet I haven't a clue what town we were in! We came into town to get a tour of the castle - the family still lives in it! They have a small portion available to the public though to see how the wealthy royals get to live. So we get there, and they were not open that day! We went for a lovely walk and this was as close as we got other then the gated exterior doors with the schedule. I went into this brilliant book shop and got a book from 1939 - original. I started to read it, and it is a good book. I have not completed it yet. Then we went into this corner delicatessen and got Beer Mustard which we brought home. It is very good on a fire roasted hot dog!
Well, Cheerio my friends. I feel better already - still lots of pictures for memories.
Have any of you every lost a memory card? (I hope not!!)

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  1. Oh it is awful to lose something precious like photos. I took loads of photos when I travelled years ago, but I never look at them now. Honestly, it is the memories that I treasure. Isn't the history amazing in England.