Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The pins are over half done.

The pins... .. makes me think of Pimms. Mmm Mmm, I cannot wait to go back to England and have some more Pimms - The ultimate garden beverage. I think it is 24%, you mix it with 7up and sliced up cucumber and fruit. Delicious. .. .. but I was originally talking about pins - Pinwheels!! ha ha
Here is my progress thus far:
Sorry for how dark these pictures are. It is officially fall and very dark in the morning and evenings - hard to get decent pics (not that I take great ones in full daylight!).
Here are some close ups of some good pinwheel points:
Here is my favorite two patterns together - and I don't think I was able to match up a single point correctly. I know I could pick it out and redo but I am trying to not do that. Lazy? Yeah, but also, my quilting mentor has a motto that she never picks any seams. I think this is to make you do better from the start. So I am trying to do better and not redoing it. Plus its a busy quilt and when it is all done - who is really going to notice? If they do notice then they can go without a blanket!

Here is whats left on the table to stitch up and add:

Not bad, but more then what I am able to do before I leave for my quilting retreat this Friday. Right after work! I am very excited to be going back out to Seba Beach. It is so peaceful there. But the hall is freezing! I need to purchase an electric blanket before I go.
So there is packing to do, and I want to prep the Bird on a Wire Quilt for stippling while I am out there. Plus, I now have to fix my friends jacket! Don't you love how our friends think because we quilt, we must be seamstresses and obviously we want to spend our free time hemming their pants and fixing their garments? Thankfully, there is minimal damage on this jacket.



  1. the quilt is looking great. have fun at the retreat!!!

  2. Really beautiful. What is interesting is some of the lighter colors make my eyes work hard to focus to see the wheel. Very very cool!

  3. They look great! Have fun at your retreat.

  4. Mmmm, i love Pimms. It's coming up summer in NZ, and is one of my fav summer drinks!!

    I am loving the look of your pimmwheels...oops I mean pinwheels!!

  5. Have fun on your trip. I love Pimms, especially in the summer. It is such a light drink. So are you going to switch from beer to Pimms while you quilt?