Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Little booties

Lucky's feet get so cold when he gets outside. He had the cutest little booties last year, but they fell apart, closer to the truth is they disintegrated right off his feet. Although they were cute, they were a terrible design. I thought I would buy his some new ones, but they are 50 dollars! So being the cheap person I am, I thought I could make them. .. ... maybe not. I will probably be going to the store and getting him new ones. I actually noticed that the store I was looking at were all sold out on the weekend. I wanted to take a picture so I had something to go on. The ones I wanted for him looked like a sock with padding and velcro added.
So I bought Lucky some baby socks. I wanted new borns, but had to settle for 3-9 month or something like that. They are a little big, but I thought the velcro would handle that.
Then I got him some little booties, I thought I could add elastic and velcro to that and tadah done - for 15 dollars! Yeah, no such luck. The booties are just too big and although I could get away with it for a while, I didn't want the funny fit to bother him.
 Here are the socks and booties, are they not adorable! Below is my answer to a better fit. But Lucky is not like a good little boy, he will not let me fit them on him. I did manage to get it on, and the fit is good. But its a real pain in my @$$ so I will have to see how it goes. I am not an apparel maker that is for sure! I have started the vinyl part  for the bottom, and for the back of the heal, but it is slow going. Might run back to that store to save myself some sanity!

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