Monday, November 15, 2010

Kids these days

I can only guess that this sign was put up by a kid (anyone under 25, ha ha) as the text language takes over proper English.
Tell me, would you buy this to eat?
(sorry for the again - grainy cell phone picture)
When I drove past the first time, I laughed hysterically. It has now been up for a couple of weeks and I think I may be the only person who notices that it is spelled wrong! ha ha, just what is a Sad-wich? Is this chicken, beef - well it is a chicken place so I guess chicken. Really the entire marketing seems a little funny to me. Double Down Sandwich, double down?? Is this trying to play off our need to super size things or is it a reference to football? I don't get it. Hmm I just Googled it and apparently there is a Saloon with the name Double Down in New York, as well as a radio station called Double Down. Again - how does this Sad-Wich tie into these things? I also see that the Sad-Wich is 540 calories - not horrible, but 1380mg of salt! Oh - found an image.

Disclaimer - this is not my photo, I am not pretending this is my photo, do not bother trying to sue me as I have no money - to see the original site it came from, please click here.

Oh, I get it - double the meat. It looks so gross. Suppose it tastes okay. KFC usually is good for the taste buds, just not the rest of your entire body!
 I do enjoy the fact that even if I am the only one in this city who can tell that the sign is spelled incorrectly, at least I get a chuckle every time I drive by.
Have any of you tried this? Your thoughts, comments? Were you rushed to Emergency after eating?

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  1. You know, once you showed us the picture, I think Sadwich is a good description. It is SAD! And eating it will make your poor body very SAD!

    Makes me a little queasy just looking at the photo!